Bayou Segnette State Park
Boating and Boat Launch
Westwego, Louisiana on the Westbank of New Orleans

Things To Do At Bayou Segnette State Park
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This boat launch is large and can handle a lot of boats. Each bay of the launch can handle 2 boats and there are 6 bays. The parking lot is very large with over 100 parking spaces.
This is really a great place for fishermen. You can start off fishing in fresh water and then take the water way system to salt water fishing. Many times you will be fishing for bass and end up catching a red fish or trout. You can get to good salt water fishing in about 1/2 hour depending on your boats speed.


Bayou Signette is the main water way from the boat launch that will take you to fresh and salt water fishing.

The area by the boat launch is fresh water. As you take this main water way Bayou Signette you will see many other smaller water ways on the left about a mile south of the boat launch. This area has some excellent fresh water fishing. The water depth varies from a couple of feet to about 10 feet deep in the center of these waterways. A lot of people like to canoe and kayak in this area because it's close to the launch and easy to get to.

If you continue down the water way it gets wider and has some larger cut-offs that go out to the large lake to the right. This is a winding waterway and for the 1st time boater to this area you need to have your GPS or pay close attention to landmarks. I know you can get lost on the way back to the launch because I did. I ended up in 2 feet of water and had to raise my engine up and slowly motor out. I just missed my turn on the way back and went streight instead of taking the sharp right turn. Most boaters probably would not have made the mistake I made. As you head south you will come to an area with a lot of old camps on the water. Go slow in this area. It's a no wake zone. A lot of these camps got wipped out by hurricanes in recient years but many are being rebuilt. In this area you have several waterways you can fish. It is mostly freshwater but can be brachish from time to time depending on the tides and winds. I have caught both fresh and saltwater fish in this area. If you continue past the camps in a southernly direction you will see some power lines. This main waterway you are on will open to a large open area. Lake Salvador is a large lake to the right where I was told can be good trout fishing. If you go to the left it opens up and you will be back to civilization in about 1/2 mile. You are almost to Lafitte, La. There is a lake to the left past Lafitte called the Pen. This is one of the better salt water fishing lakes in the area. I'm going to end here and just say have yourself a great time and I hope you catch a bunch of fish. Have fun and stay safe!